Area 51 / Maximum Force

Area 51

Your Mission: As a soldier in the elite S.T.A.A.R. forces, your assignment is to penetrate alien forces at Area 51, and eliminate the threat of the deadly alien infection that has spread throughout the base. The fate of humanity hangs in the balance.


  • Incredible cinematic effects and stop motion animation sequences
  • Six long intense stages of constant gunfire and alien encounters
  • Engage Sci-fi storyline with Aliens, UFOs, and secret experiment coverups
  • Tons of secret rooms and buried government secrets
  • Powerups and sophisticated weaponry keep you armed and dangerous
  • Explore an accurate recreation of the most secretive airbase in the world

Maximum Force

Time to lock and load, pal. Here comes Maxium Force, where it's you against elusive terrorists and you control the body count. You'll board helicopter, ATVs, underwater vehicles and shoot literally everthing in sight. Gun down slimeballs on three completely different missions. Blast your way into over 35 secret rooms and blow away everthing with extreme prejudice. With Maximum Force, there's no such thing as too much firepower.