Battlezone is a totally new one player, first person combat game. Players compete for highest scores in a world beyond the stars. It's a battle of skill and wits between the player and the computer-controlled enemy tanks and missiles. 

Players start with 2, 3, 4 or 5 tanks. By moving the controls the player can maneuver his tank in a 360 degree radius. A quick glance at the "radar scan" display shows the location of enemy tanks... "Enemy in range" appears on the screen... the player positions his tank, aims, presses the fire button and the enemy tank is blown away!

Challenge increases as skill increases. After the first two enemy tanks have been destroyed, more targets appear. Missiles begin to appear randomly at pre-selected score levels beginning at 5,000 points. Saucers will fly randomly across the target area after 2,000 points. The speed of the enemy tanks increases after six missiles have appeared.

The ten best scores on the game will be displayed in the attract mode, along with the corresponding player's initials. A special tank symbol will appear next to the initials of any player scoring 100,000 points or more.