Discs of Tron

Become the most powerful video warrior of the computer world. Discs of Tron is an electronic battleground that transports you to an exciting new world of sight, sound and energy.

Take the controls and escape into a total environment of excitement. Discs of Tron: An electrifying new struggle for survival.

The futuristic adventures of Tron continue in this challenging new video game based on the popular feature film created by Walt Disney Productions. Discs of Tron allows players to experience added realism as they instantly become part of the Tron world, battling as the video warrior Tron against Sark, the destructive defender of the Master Control Program. Exceptional sound acoustics, lighting and special effects enhance the game’s challenges.  

Control Features: 

  • Control grip moves Tron in all directions. Players must squeeze the trigger to shoot discs. 
  • Deflect button allows player to deflect Sark’s discs and chasers. 
  • Rotary knob positions target mark along arena walls to aim discs at Sark or his weapons. 

Source: https://flyers.arcade-museum.com/?page=thumbs&db=videodb&id=310