Donkey Kong Jr

Fate has turned the tables on the inimitable Donkey Kong. After Mario saved the Beautiful Girl from the lustful clutches of Donkey Kong, he led the brokenhearted ape into captivity, locking him behind steel bars, never again to strut his stuff before the fair maidens of the world. 

As the frustration of confinement enrages Donkey Kong, Mario complacently stands guard over the cell, holding the sought after key to freedom. 

But wait! Unbeknownst to Little Mario, Donkey Kong has produced an offspring - Donkey Kong Junior! A death-defying little monkey, shrewd and cunning, who resists all enemies to rescue Papa Donkey Kong.

As Mario's brigade of snapping laws, ape-eating birds, and energy pods launch their offensive. Junior bombards them with a fusillade of Fruit Bombs that aim to annihilate his every foe. 

Mario, beware of Donkey Kong Junior. He's crafty. He's fearless. He jumps in four different directions. Watch how Junior strategically maneuvers his way to the top at high speeds. How he wrests the key away from Mario. The key that gives Papa the freedom to once again beat his chest and chase girls! With Donkey Kong Junior not far behind. 

Donkey Kong Junior offers the most exciting sound effects, visual imagery and challenging playboards.