Galaga Cocktail

New generation multi-space challenge

New twists, new turns, new special effects including the intreguing 'tractor beam' will have players standing in line to play Galaga.

Excitingly different, Galaga is a 1 or 2 player, full color video game that also features Midway's Increase Price of Play at the Player's Option.

Galaga is manufactured by Mideay under license from Namco, Ltd.

New Generation Multi-Stage 1 or 2 Player Full Color Video Game!

Stage 1: Galaga aliens fly in various formations to form a troop line at the top of the screen. In the beginning of this stage, the aliens are harmelss and the player has an easy opportunity to score. Once the troop line is formed the aliens separate and attack the fighter

Stage 2: More points are scored for hitting attacking aliens with different values for solo, duo, or trio formations. The top line 'Boss' Galaga must be hit twice to be destyroyed.

Stage 3: Challenge Stage: New non-attacking formation appear for another chance to score points without opposition. The Dual Fighter is especially valuagel in this stage. (3, 11, 15, etc are  the Challenging Stages, after which a special score is posted showing number of hits and points made.)

Stages 4 and on: The game continues at an increasing pas of alient attacks with more and more deadly bombs.

Bonus Features: Bonus Fighters are awarded at 20,000, 70,000 and every 70,000 points thereafter. Midways 'IncreasedPrice of Play at Player's Option' enabled player to get standard number of fighters for one coin (adjustable) and double the standard number plus a bonus fighyter for two coins. 

Special Action Features:

  • Tractor Beam. A 'Boss' Galaga randomly shoots a Tractor Beam trying to capture player's fighter. 
  • Dual Fighters. If a player hits this 'Boss', the fighter descends into tandum with double firepower. 
  • Special Scoring. Indicates number of shots fired, hits, and Hit/Miss ratio to show accuracy percentage.
  • 5 Top Scores. Player's initials programmed onto screen for all to challenge.