(Not available for rent, but you can still play this in our Two Bit Game Room.)

Gauntlet. The revolutionary one, two, three or four player role-playing video sensation. 

More magic, more profit than you ever imagined. Gauntlet incorporates many of the attractive characteristics of todays popular fantasy role-playing games. The medieval theme provides an exciting setting for players to act out fantasies of non-stop combat and conquest. 

The cast of characters. 
The Heroes: Thor, the Warrior. Thyra, the Valkyrie. Merlin the Wizard. Questor the Elf. 
The Villains: Ghosts. Grunts. Demons. Lobbers. Sorcerers. Death. The Thief. 

The action begins as the player(s) choose a character to portray and enter the game by depositing the correct amount of coins in the slot corresponding to each of the four heroes. 

Each of the four characters has many unique capabilities. For example, Thyra the Valkyrie has strong armor. Thor the Warrior is skilled at hand-to-hand combat. Questor the Elf has the fastest speed and Merlin the Wizard, the best magic.