A dual player duel!

You may have seen dual player games before, but you've never seen anything like Willialms dual player Joust!

For the first time ever, 2 players can go agains each other in direct, head-to-head competition OR team up agains a common enemy, the game itself! 1 person can play to the excitement alone, but when 2 play together, the game becomes even more intriguing, increasing the possiblity of reaching higher waves and taking on new and different challenges!

Video graphics have never been this crisp, this clean this colorful, or animation this lifelike! Manning a "flap" button and a joystick, the player flies his bird (player 1 on an ostrich; player 2 on a stork) into a mythological world of fantasy and fun! The player tries to unseat the enemy riders on buzzard-back by coliding with the whenever his lanse is higher. But the player must beware! A successful joust turns the enemy into an egg that must be picked up before it hatches into a being with higher-level itelligence! Later in the wave, a deadly pterdactyl emerges, swooping down to keep the player jousting until all of the enemy are defeated! As play progresses, fire consumes the bridge on both sides of the bottom ledge and lave troll takes shape, reaching up to grab anything that dares to fly over its den!

The 2nd wave and every 5th wave threrafter are Survival Waves. 3000 bonus points (adjustable) are awareded in each if the player does not lose any of his riders during these waves. Every 5th wave is an Egg Wave in which a player can earn extra points by picking up as many of the dozen eggs as possible before they hatch.

In dual player action, both players fly their birds into compat against the enemy, the pterdactyl or one another and into more sophisticated and intriguing waves! Wave 2 and every 5th thereafter become Team Waves with 3000 points (adjustable) awarded to both players for teaming up together agains their common enemy and for not unseating the other. Wave 4 and every 5th thereafter become Gladiator Waves. Not the bonus points are used to encourage the players to joust each other and are awarded to the 1st player who is successful!