Jungle King

It’s a jungle out there! To save the Jungle Princess from the hostel natives, the player is faced with thrilling ordeals that require a whole range of strategies and skills!

First, timing is everything, as the player must swing Jungle King from vine to vine, avoiding the monkeys that try to knock him off. Then it’s into crocodile-infested waters where a thrust of the knife earns bonus points when it finds its target. The player must beware of the bubbles that float Jungle King helplessly to the surface and he must also watch the air supply or Jungle King will drown when the meter reaches “0”!

Once through the river, it’s a dash uphill, jumping over or ducking under boulders rolling toward Jungle King. Finally, coordination is the key as Jungle King must leap safely over the barbarians armed with spears to save the Princess who’s at the end of her rope… OVER A BOILING POT!!

Source: https://flyers.arcade-museum.com/?page=flyer&db=videodb&id=4288&image=3