Marvel Super Heroes

Marvel Super Heroes is Capcom's second fighting game based in the Marvel universe, after X-Men: Children of the Atom. The game introduces an Infinity Gem system that alters the stats of each character. The character assets would be reused in later Marvel vs. games.

The gameplay system used in Marvel Super Heroes is similar to its predecessor, X-Men: Children of the Atom, including multi-screen vertical jumps. Marvel Super Heroes adds Infinity Supers and the Infinity Gem System (below) . Also new for Marvel Super Heroes is the Aerial Rave, which allows the player to continue a combo after the opponent has been launched into the air.

As in other Capcom fighting games, each character has their own story line. The player picks a character and fights a random sequence of opponents, always ending with the final boss, Thanos. After beating Thanos, the player is rewarded with an animated cutscene that is unique for each character. Most of the end cutscenes are just a few minutes long, and each one follows the character's specific continuity within the Marvel universe.