Missile Command

Missile Command is a war... a series of computer-controlled attack waves of ICBM missiles. Players must defend their cities and missile bases as long as possible by guiding their missiles to intercept and destroy the invading ICBM missiles. The game is completed when all the player's cities have been totally annihilated. 

Players start the game armed with ten defendsive missiles in each of the three missile sites... Alpah Base, Delta Base, and Omega Base, and either four, five, six or seven (adjustable) cities. 

Each wave begins with ten defensive missiles in each base, the cities feft from the previous wave, plus any bonus cities awarded at the end of the previous wave. 

The player moves a target indicator (+) with the multi-directional Trak Ball(TM). When a Fire button is activated, an (X) is left on the monitor at the location of the +, and a defensive missile is launched. The missile explodes when it reaches the (X) marker.

An invading ICBM is destroyed when it is intercepted by the defensive missile's detonation. 

Difficulty, challenge, and excitement increases with each successive wave. Wave One has MIRVs (branching attack missiles), Wave Two offers Killer Satellites and Bombers, Wave Six, "Smart" missiles. The objective is to keep the home-cities safe from destruction as long as possible for longest potential game play. The better the skill, the bigger the reward.

Source: http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/?page=thumbs&db=videodb&id=2175