Ms. Pac-Man Cocktail

Now available in the classic sit down coktail table style.

A more challenging version of the well-known Pac-Man maze game, Ms. Pac-Man is sure to be the most popular girl in the game world.

Pursued by the familiar Inky. Blink, Pinky and the newest ghost. Sue. Ms. Pac-Man gees through 4 new and changing mazes that increase in difficulty and otter varying side exit locations. Each of the 4 mazes has an additional 2 side exits that give Ms. Pac-Man a total of 4 ways out of the maze.

Dots score 10 points each with Power Dots serving 50 points each. Points double for each ghost Ms. Pac-Man munches. 200 paints tor the first, 400 for the second and 800 and 1600 points consecutively for the third and fourth ghosts. When Ms. Pac-Man is caught herself, s he dramatically swoons and falls.

As in Pac-Man, bonus fruit symbols indicate how many times a player has cleared the screen of dots. Ms. Pac-Man boasts additional fruit symbols that also float freely through the maze and have higher point values when gobbled.

Along with a new sound package players may witness the touching love story of Ms. Pac-Man’s meeting Pac-Man himself, their courtship and marriage and even the delivery of Pac-Baby in the three act, between-maze cartoon series.