Attack the alien space craft... if you can. Armed with a high-powered missile, your perilous journey into space begins. All that stands between you and success are hordes of enemy war birds. 

When the going gets tough - At all times a momentary respite from warfare can be achieved by hitting the protective barrier button. But caution should prevail. Your safety is only insured for a matter of seconds. 

A wolf in sheep’s clothing - Beautiful, but deceiving, eggs materialize on the screen. Right before your eyes they hatch into the deadly Phoenix war birds. It's the ultimate test of survival as the fiendish fowl pellets you with its awesome power

The encounter - Protected by a convoy of war birds, the lone alien taunts your to tear down the barriers that protect his ship. Succeed and you destroy the interloper. Fall, and your fate is in the hands of the vulturous attackers.