(Available for roll-in locations only. No stairs)

Fight your way to the championship title against the World Video Boxing Association's top ranked contenders. Meet masters of the glove from around the globe... like the up and coming Glass Joe or the gutsy Bald Bull. 

Only a knockout before the clock runs out will keep you in the running for a chance at the Champ himself, the mighty Mr. Sandman. Defeat him and the title is yours - for as long as you can defend it!

It's the fight of the century and Nintendo puts you in the middle of the action against six of the meanest, toughest boxers of all time. 

  • Dual screens and live action commentary add to the excitement. 
  • Four-way joy stick lets you dodge and guard. Use with left and right blow buttons to throw head or body blows.
  • Power meter shows your strength building as you punch opponent. Go for a knockout with a hook or uppercut when the meter flashes "Knockout".
  • Status meter shows who has the advantage. Build your lead. Wear your opponent down. Then throw a knockout punch.
  • Game over when you are knocked out or time count reaches zero. 
  • WVBA Hall of Fame registry logs top player performance.

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