(Available for roll-in locations only. No stairs)

Rampage brings your entertainment plus action... in 768 scenes... through 85 cities... for up to 3 players.

The fun and excitement of the game is underlined by many details. Both the scenery of the big cities and the individual animals are worked out very carefully and imaginatively: during a game with more than one player it often happens that they accidentally hit each other - their facial expressions and their gestures are portrayed with a great sense of humour.

They eat whatever they get in their fingers and if something is not good for them, you will see how: they spit, cough and choke...

We could make this description longer and longer, but just one detail: naturally these nice animals have names - the ape is George, the lizard is Lizzie and the wolf is Ralph.

They'll be pleased to meet you!

Source: http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/?page=thumbs&db=videodb&id=2773