Return of the Jedi

(Not available for rent, but you can still play this in our Two Bit Game Room.)

Feel the return of the Force once again in this action-packed video recreation of one of the world's biggest entertainment phenomenon. 

The player becomes Princess Leia rocketing through the forest on her Speeder Bike, Chewbacca in his Scout Walker, and the heroic Lando Calrissian in the awesome Millennium Falcon. 

As in the movie, the object of the game is to destroy the Imperial Death Star.

Game features:

  • Simulated 3D raster animation provides startling visual effects. 
  • Fast play action design follows key sequences from the movie
  • 4 different action scenes offer challenging strategy opportunities. 
  • 8 levels of increasing difficulty stimulate more repeat play. 
  • New "Split-Wave" movie technique quick-cuts between 2 simultaneously occurring action scenes on Endor, and in space to offer more depth and variety. 
  • Dramatic stereo sound effects, original music, and actual character voices (including Ewoks) from the movie enhance the pace and realism. 
  • Players can select Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty levels.