Road Blasters

…and in the end only one warrior will prevail. In the distant future, the Ultimate Race will occur. Half road race and half battle, this will be the final contest between good and evil; a combat zone survival exercise. It will be called Road Blasters.

More than just another driving game! Road Blasters is a futuristic warfare game where the player battles evil opponents from behind the wheel of a high-performance armored car. Road Blasters features a new steering control with fire buttons to highlight the realistic driving perspective and added action element of laser artillery and unique special weapons.

The roadway leads the player through a progression of countries, alternating checkpoints and rally points. Checkpoints are midpoint goals for the player, which award additional fuel as the player races past. Rally points are similar to finish lines in ordinary race games because they indicate the completion of a race section. On Road Blasters, bonus fuel is awarded and player performance evaluated on a scroll-up display at each rally point.

The game ends when the player has run out of fuel. There are green and red fuel globes along the roadway, which the player can tag to obtain more fuel. An add-a-coin feature allows players to continue the race.

The sleek, fast Stingers, heavily armored Command cars, evasive and unpredictable Rat Jeeps and quick, darting Cycles combine forces to try and prevent the player from reaching the next rally point. In addition, there are mines in the road, gun turrets shooting at the player, bombs thrown by the opponent vehicles and other obstacles to be avoided.

By docking with the special weapons pack dropped by the support jet, the player can acquire special weapons, including: A Cruise Missile, a Nitro Injector, a U.Z. Cannon or an Electro Shield.

If a player completes wave 50, they will be given a personalized secret code that will entitle them to a Road Blasters t-shirt. Qualified players will be able to send their name and secret code directly to Atari Games on a post-card; little, if any, support work will be required from operators or locations.

In addition, Atari’s Road Blasters video game was designed in conjunction with Matchbox Toys, a company that is famous for its authentically detailed collectible die-cast cars. Matchbox Toys will support its Road Blasters line of futuristic action/adventure vehicles with a multi-million-dollar ad campaign. Television advertising is planned for the spring and fall of 1987, in addition to retail promotions and an ambitious public relations campaign.