SportStation: NFL Blitz 2000 / NBA Showtime

(Not available for rent, but you can still play this in our Two Bit Game Room.)

The Midway SportStation is two games in one! The player can choose between these two great games:

  • NFL Blitz 2000 Gold Edition or
  • NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC Gold Edition.

NFL Blitz 2000: You've never seen this on TV

This is like no football game you've seen before. It features bone-crunching tackles, spectacular catches, and secret plays. All in game-breaking 3D action. 

Blitz is the NFL at its finest, featuring easy to run plays and unparalleled action all in breakneck speed. With no penalties, no substitutions, and nowhere to hide, Blitz is more than a game - it's an NFL highlight film.

  • Officially licensed by the NFL and NFLPA
  • All-new 3D polygon-based hardware
  • Joystick combinations for trick plays
  • Easy to complete passes and plays
  • "Hurry-up" offense increase speed of game play.

The NBA Like You've Never Seen it Before!

It's 3-D, it the NBA and it's out of control! Hello everyone, and welcome to NBA Showtime. Today's contest features the leagues's hottest superstars squaring off in a prime-time 3-D match-up. The action is heating up, so get ready, it's the NBA on NBC.

This game promises to be a great one, as your favorite NBA Players take to the court in a showdown fit for the record books. NBC brings you the top players from each team in a heart-pounding pulse-racing above-the-rim match-up. You'll see it on their faces and hear it in their voices, you'll feel the intensity of every pass and every shot, this is what the NBA is all about.