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The object of the game is to find hidden treasure deep in the pyramid. Pick up keys, one at a time, to open the doors to hidden treasures while evading enemies who are trying to destroy you.

Who grabs the teasure?

  • Find the location of enemies on the radar and advance carefully picking up the keys (one key at a time) and opening the doors with them
  • Bonus points for picking up keys and treasures scatered in the maze.
  • Speed of enemies varies to each other so be careful when you attack them by laser beam.

How to Conqure "Tutankham"!!

  • You can bean enemies using "Flash Bomber" when you are desparetly in danger (but only once per stage)
  • Remember, your laser beam can only shoot horizontally.
  • There's a timer set in each stage and you must clear a stage before it runs out.
  • Make best use of  "Warp Zone" to escape from enemies.

Source: http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/?page=flyer&db=videodb&id=3901&image=2