The X-Men are a secret group of superhuman mutants, each possessing a unique power gained at birth. Banding together under the guidance of Professor X, the X-Men formed a group a good mutants. Their objective is to stop the forces of the Evil Mutants, led by Magneto, whose goal is to destroy mankind and rule the world.

The player can choose his favorite X-Men hero - Cyclops, who blasts the enemies with his optic force beam; Colossus, who changes his flesh to steel for superhuman strength and virtual invulnerability; Wolverine whose unbreakable adamantium skeleton and retractable claws make him the last man you would ever wish to anger; Storm, the mysterious African princess who controls the weather with just a thought; Nightcrawler, the former circus acrobat who can teleport onto any scene; and Dazzler, the beautiful actress who converts sound into sonic light blasts.

The X-Men’s mission is to find Professor X, who has been captured by the Evil Mutants. Searching the city, they use their natural fighting abilities to destroy Magneto’s soldiers. After these evil mutants are eliminated, X-Men are off to Island M, Magneto’s tropical hideout, where such bizarre creatures as mutated, tail-whipping lizards and ferocious flowers are after the X-Men. The X-Men then rocket to Asteroid M, for the final confrontation.

Join forces with the X-Men in this ongoing battle of good versus evil!

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