Zoo Keeper

Taito’s new Zoo Keeper has that animal magnetism no player can resist!

And it’s no wonder, players find out right off that it’s a zoo in there… and the animals are eating their way out! Wherever Zeke the zoo keeper runs along the wall, he replaces bricks which have been chomped away. But the animals are swift and some inevitably escape. Now Zeke has to dodge or jump over them to survive – while still frantically trying to rebuild the bricks. Plus, he’s trying to earn bonus points by grabbing watermelons, root beers, and other goodies along the way. And all the while the time fuse is burning!

Next Zeke must leap from ledge to ledge to reach his girlfriend, Zelda, held hostage by a monkey who’s throwing coconuts. The ledges move in opposite directions, and if Zeke fails, it’s all over. If he can swing it at this stage, Zeke can make point here, too, by collecting bonus objects as he goes. The struggle seems all worthwhile when Zelda is rescued. 

But Zeke still has to face two more brick zoos teeming with the meanest animals ever. Luckily, a net can be used to catch the escaped animals and return them to their cages – if Zeke can reach it!

As the adventures alternate, survival becomes more difficult. In each of the “brick” screens, a more challenging animal with a higher point value is introduced. And in each succeeding “ledge” screen the ledges move faster, until they finally become invisible. With only his memory of past ledge patterns in relation to the still-visible bonus objects and coconuts. Zeke must jump from one invisible ledge to another to save Zelda. 

“Escalator” screens, in which bonus zoo keepers can be won to help Zeke out, are interspersed between the other screens. Here Zeke must jump over hordes of animals – plus an electrical cage – in order to jump onto each escalator, till he can rescue Zelda up above. The higher he gets, the quicker the animals become. But victory is sweet when Zeke saves Zelda at last!

Source: https://flyers.arcade-museum.com/?page=flyer&db=videodb&id=2803&image=2